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Through my last decade of photographing weddings I've learned that clients thrive when guided - guided through direction at a photoshoot, guided through styling and design, guided through art selection for their home. I take my role in this chapter of your life very seriously because you've entrusted me with this role. I am the guide, you are the star.

After the last dance on the wedding night, what remains are the photos and memories - that makes my job very clear: take emotive and masterful images that preserve your most cherished memories. Post wedding we work together to select wedding images as artwork to shape the ambiance of your home - albums, framed enlargements, fine art prints - the options are beautiful and I will guide you.

My name is Steph Kadlicko, I’m a luxury destination wedding photographer serving wonderful couples with old world tastes. I tailor my services to clients in Milwaukee, Toronto and Croatia, but no destination is ever too far. I have worked all over the world photographing weddings of well-traveled couples who have an eye for artistic detail and who want to offer guests an unforgettable experience.

I preserve the feelings and moments of your wedding day in the form of a visual story that is soulful, beautiful and romantic, filled with the nostalgia you'll want years from now. I’d love to hear more about your wedding plans. Let's create something beautiful together. 

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“I seek moments that tell a story of beauty and feeling through my photography. I want to take couples back to a time of unabashed happiness when they felt their best - enveloped by beauty and surrounded with joy. I know those moments when I find them. I know that in a decade, two or three, those images will be the ones that brings back the emotions and the embodiment of the wedding day. This is what I give to clients and what I see as art.”

- Steph Kadlicko

Founder, 5th Photography


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YOU'LL look like a model

you'll feel like her only clients

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"Steph will analyze your physique and find the absolute best poses for you as individuals and as a couple. You will look and feel like a model and you'll be in your favorite place in the world. Every image will be like out of a dreamy magazine." - Eve Ng

"You will always have her attention. She and her team go above and beyond and are always available for questions on design, planning and anything wedding. You'll feel like her only clients. You'll feel the service her brand is known for."  - Laura Pleaser

"Steph shows you views you've never seen before, of you and your atmosphere. She has a way of magnifying moments, showcasing details and capturing architecture in a way that blows your mind on each photo. It's beautiful." - Mimi Park

"Guests will be treated like royalty. Steph takes time to ensure every guest looks incredible on camera and promotes a guest experience that will transform the way you thought about hosting your wedding. Plus she travels." - Eli Raumheim

"Every image you receive is filled with beauty and ethereal qualities that makes your wedding look like a fairytale and fashion editorial. Every image will be your favorite and you'll wish to have her with you in all your travels." - Chelsea Riosso

Want dreamy, candid and editorial photos...shots of the details, the smiles, the fashion and the party.

Celebrate in designer names, but put their efforts into creating an experience for their guests and themselves. 

Know that a wedding of elegance and refinement is timeless, but that every celebration needs a heartbeat and a personality.

Have planned the most beautiful wedding of the year, but know that their smiles and love are what will make their photos shine.

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You are looking for expertise, professionalism and direction to look your best. You welcome white-glove service and receive it with grace. You expect elegance in your photographic coverage of your wedding day because this is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and you hope to have every detail captured, the candids, the design and the romance. You work hard, you're good at what you do, and on the most special day of your life, you want it all.

I cater to couples creating weddings that are intimate in design and filled with joy - together we turn events into celebrations. Cultures oriented around large families - Croatian, Italian, Arab, Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern are my happy place. If there is emotion and personality and opinions and specifics...that environment is where I thrive. I am here to make your dreams come true on camera and behind the scenes. Bring your traditions and culture and let's combine all the many parts with your design ideas and create your signature style for your signature celebration. I welcome you. Choose 5th Photography if you are looking for excellence and a perfect wedding - high-end service with show-stopping images.

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Every couple works with me directly for photography and artistic direction. The 5th Fine Art team is involved in logistics and the day-to-day and album design. You have our full attention.

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“Steph has created a portfolio that is an elegant mix of European dreams with the familiarity of a wedding at home.”

- Laura & Alessandro Pagliarolo